Friday, March 07, 2008

stairway to heaven?

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fotoface said...

nice one, good use of light and angle

Janice Thomson said...

Not many on it if it is.... :)
I like the capture of the shadow too.

floots said...

now look what you've done .....
made me try to play it
(much to the disgust of the cat on my lap) :)
lovely shot

jem said...

Wow. A shadow ladder. Love it. I think I wrote a haiku about one a while back... Great image.

polona said...

fotoface: thank you for your kind words

janice: nobody at that moment... ;)
many thanks, janice

floots: i sympathise with the cat and apologise to her :)
but i'm sure it was not so bad...
thank you

jem: gosh, i appreciate that. thank you