Wednesday, March 12, 2008

lord of the stump

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Janice Thomson said...

Oh my goodness - get a load of those horns! Great capture.

Middle Child said...

What a photo Polona...lost track of many of Mirk and before him Charlie's links...I used to swing by and read yours and others....pleased to see you are still posting.

floots said...

love this - and the title :)

jem said...

He almost looks carved from wood. With little bits of fluff and litter that have blown his way dressing him. Very knowing look in his eye though!

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Marvellous what an impact as a shot!

polona said...

janice: lol! thank you, i appreciate that.

middle child: nice to see you drop in and thank you for your kind words

floots: you would, wouldn't you ;)
thank you

jem: well perceived. his expression alone is worth clicking to enlarge, yes :)
thank you

julie: glad you like it. thank you