Friday, March 28, 2008


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Janice Thomson said...

Beautiful shot - and I smiled because I took a similar one myself :)

floots said...

me too
(but it didn't turn out this well) :)
fantastic shot

polona said...

the horse chestnut leaves are particularly pretty when they start unfolding. most of them are still fast in the buds, though. this one belongs to one particular tree that couldn't seem to wait

janice: well, it's the time of year, i suppose :)
thank you

floots: i don't believe you :)
many thanks

jem said...

How interesting. I was doodling leaves into my notebook this morning and I drew some that I thought looked most unrealistic. But they looked just like these!

polona said...

jem: isn't it funny how reality is sometimes stranger than fiction :)

Anonymous said...

Se je rodil, zajokal in zdaj DIHA! Tudi zrastel je že malo, kajne!

Čudovito, res uživam, kako šele ti, ko ti uspe narediti tako sliko! Ob njih se morda kdaj vpašaš, jaz se namreč, kaj imaš/-m raje: besedo ali sliko. Pogosto je pri meni prednost na strani slike.

Dobro bodi, uživaj v pomladi naprej! LP,