Friday, March 21, 2008

eagle owl

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Janice Thomson said...

Oh Polona what a beauty! I love owls but have not seen many in my lifetime. Fabulous shot!

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

I'm with Janice - beautiful shot of a sleepy owl. Have a bird of prey centre fairly near us.

Lovely spring photos all round.

fotoface said...

wow what a beauty,
it does look lonely though

polona said...

janice: they are beautiful birds... some live in the wild here but i never managed to see one. the photo is from the zoo, though.
many thanks

julie: i appreciate your words. i prefer animals in the wild but thought i'd share this photo nonetheless.
thank you

fotoface: it is a captive bird but this one has a companion. perhaps it was just weary of humans passing by the aviary.
thank you

Paul said...

who knows
what he is thinking ?

iimagyne said...

i luv owls, so intriguing just to sit and watch them. i'm so captivated by their presence.

polona said...

paul: thak you :)

iimagyne: welcome
and i'm quite fond of owls too