Monday, March 24, 2008


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Middle Ditch said...

You do take lovely photographs. That swan for example. They belong to the queen here and killing one would put you into prison.

Thank you for that lovely comment.

Janice Thomson said...

This is lovely Polona. What are these called?

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Lovely shots - like the way you've framed the birds escpecially.

those horns look pretty sharp!

floots said...

i missed some lovely pics
i liked the great tits
strange - i tend to think of them as uk birds but i expect they are common all over europe

polona said...

middle ditch: thank you again.
yes, i knew about the uk swans... but they are graceful birds.

janice: thank you. these are the ibex, a sort of wild goat living in the alps.
these specimens were shot in the zoo, of course.

julie: thank you. the captive birds were not difficult to shoot but the great tits were together just for a few moments...
i wouldn't know about the horns :)

floots: ah, but they were waiting to be seen
i assure you great tits are very common here... and adorable little dinosaurs they are :)

jem said...

I really like the textures in this picture. Its very tactile, I'd like to touch it. The ground, the rocks, the coats and those horns. I wonder why he is so bored, perhaps the little one isn't good company :)

polona said...

interesting that you mention textures, jem. and i thought the picture was too flat :)
i suppose we caught them at naptime so they didn't look particularly interested.