Thursday, March 20, 2008

the odd couple

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fotoface said...

nice shot contours and shade natural lighting , and a keen eye

Isadora said...

The base and the off-shoot, or the passage of time. Just like people, we get a bit green then cut down. :)

Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter.

Janice Thomson said...

This is lovely! The lighting is beautifully captured - great title too Polona

polona said...

fotoface: yes, the light was interesting and i tried to captured it... not easy to do, though.
thank you

isadora: ah, that was so well expressed. thank you.
and a happy easter to you and yours as well!

janice: the light was really interesting and the photo doesn't do it justice but i'm glad it worked to some extent :)
thank you, janice.