Saturday, March 01, 2008

high tension

the photo is not of the best quality (need a telephoto lens) but the subject , i think, is interesting enough. the bird perched on the power line is a common buzzard (buteo buteo)
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Janice Thomson said...

Is that a fairly uncommon bird there? We don't have them in this area.
Neat photo Polona

floots said...

you know i love the buzzards
they are great opportunists here too
if man builds better perches than Nature they are quick to use them :)
lovely shot

polona said...

janice: on the contrary, they are quite common (european buzzard is a hawk not a vulture)
thank you.

floots: as you know, i'm impressed by birds of prey too. yes, they learn quickly to use human-made objects but rarely let someone approach enough to take a shot (a good telephoto lens can salve the problem to some extent but...)

fotoface said...

wonderful shot pilons are favorite for me and the birds a bonus when together. I know how you just WISH for the better shot, and then there are the times when you have the perfect shot in your sights and then something else happens. but we all get lucky from time to time,
don't give up .
thanks for sharing.

polona said...

fotoface: well thank you for your kind words... i like these power lines too and if i had the right lens...