Friday, January 11, 2008


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floots said...

wonderful shot
thank you

get zapped said...

Excellent shot! The drop is perfectly in focus and yet, so much to be explored inside the world of the little drop. Thank you!

Margie said...

This is lovely, Polona!
I'm trying to learn the art of photography, but not doing so well with my shots!
How did you ever get so good with the camera?
All your shots are amazing!!!!


fotoface said...

arrr! water; beautiful shot you should be proud of this one

Janice Thomson said...

Dainty, elegant and even a touch sad -love this Polona

KOSTAS said...

Splendid macro, very good photograph.

polona said...

floots: much appreciated.

get zapped: many thanks. i like thinking of a drop as a miniature universe

margie: well, talent certainly helps, but most of all it's practice, practice, practice!
i've had many failures (still do) among the few that turn out well.
thank you for your kind words, margie.

fotoface: you are most kind. and i'm so fed up with this weather i could scream.

janice: you put that wonderfully.thank you.

kostas: yu are very kind, thank you.

jem said...

I have to hold my breath when I look at this image. And I have to ask - did you wait to watch the drop fall?

polona said...

jem: oh, there were more where this one came from... some dripping all over me.