Wednesday, January 23, 2008


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fotoface said...

you should photoshop this and put a
BIG cherry on the top of the mountain. sorry;

I bet this is you're back garden

Margie said...

How gorgeous is that shot.....too gorgeous!!!!


Queen Neetee said...

Absolutely FANTASTIC!

The feel of this is so serene and yet it excites my senses beyond words.

Thank you!

floots said...

love those layers

jem said...

That line where the blue sky begins is amazing. I want to cross that threshold, it looks like a special place. Almost like underwater in the sky.

polona said...

fotoface: hahaha, a cherry!
i don't have a back garden, i'm sorry to say...

margie: many thanks!

queen neetie: that is most kind. thank you.

floots: thank you.

jem: that blue thing is in fact a layer of clouds. but yes, i thouht it looks effective, too.
thank you