Thursday, January 10, 2008


still nothing to show but fog so... another of the older ones

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Janice Thomson said...

I'm always fascinated by these things and how quickly they can cover an area. Nifty shot Polona.

floots said...

what a lovely shot of something so simple
thank you

fotoface said...

not mushroom here..
I know the feeling dull cold weather
fresh look at things but hard to find
good shots of wild life.
most of its missing ???
must not give up cold hands or not.

Kostas said...

Very good the corner of reception.
Him I know these mushrooms, in my region(Central Greece) they exist many.

Reign said...

nice shot polona, you always make me admire you by your photos ;0)

jem said...

I love those gills on the underside of a mushroom, so tactile. When they are pale like this they look like the pages in an old book.

get zapped said...

Wow! Great textures.

polona said...

janice: these are not very common in our forests but they can be found here and there.
thank you.

floots: sometimes simple is the most effective.

fotoface: well, sometimes fog provides for attractive shots. but i'm so fed up with this monotonous weather that i can't see beauty in it anymore. roll on spring!
and thank you for stopping by

kostas: you are most kind. thank you.

reign: ah, that was kind of you to say.
thank yu

jem: pages in an old book... yes, i see it now :)
thank you

get zapped: many thanks.