Tuesday, January 22, 2008

dark side of the moon

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Margie said...

Oh, I love the moon, and love this one!
Thanks, polona!


blade said...

It is because of the dark side that i guess the other side of the moon captures imagination.
Great blog!


floots said...

wonderful shot - and title

polona said...

margie: so do i and yesterday was the night of the full moon...
thank you, margie

blade: i suppose you're right.
welcome and thank you.

floots: many thanks, floots

jem said...

Wow - how exciting, I love close-up details of things, and the patterns of nature are so engaging.

polona said...

when i saw this i just had to take a picture... thank you, jem

Anonymous said...

It's knot the dark side of the moon.

polona said...

of course knot