Thursday, January 17, 2008


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Margie said...

Your photos are so good, Polona!
This one I really like!


floots said...

your title says it all
love it

fotoface said...

wonderful an air of holiness about
this picture.
it just needs some Nuns to walking this path [sorry I get carried away]

get zapped said...


polona said...

margie: oh, you are so kind.
thank you

floots: thank you (it means a lot)

fotoface: nuns? now that's an interesting idea :)
thank you

get zapped: thanks

jem said...

A ripe setting for a fairytale I think. The mist, the woods, the path... that will inevitably disappear and leave you lost.

polona said...

jem: yes, i suppose this could be a set up for a gothic story...

Anonymous said...

That's typical badger country

polona said...

welcome then, badgerboy, and don't forget to bring the spaniel