Thursday, January 24, 2008


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goatman said...

A beautiful shot.
The mists below, polona above.

Margie said...

Amazing beauty in that photo!
I love it!


floots said...

if all the wows in the world lined up then this wow would be at the head of the wow queue
(i liked it) :)

polona said...

goatman: ha, thank you. and yes, on this occasion i managed to get above the fog for a few minutes.

margie: many thanks!

floots: phew, this comment deserves a WOW itself!
thank you

jem said...

These grand landscape photos are very impressive, but I think this is my favourite, perhaps because it is more simple than others. And that one bold tree, standing so tall, speaks of so many things. The overall atmosphere and colouring almost looks Chinese.