Sunday, January 20, 2008

sea of mist

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Margie said...

How beautiful!


floots said...

another fantastically atmospheric shot

fotoface said...

wow your so lucky to have high points
to be able to get shots like this
I envy you, as its very flat here.
its a great picture and you have a lot of talent.

polona said...

thank you, margie.

floots: atmospheric indeed. the problem was, i had to return to all that fog

fotoface: yep, slovenia has a number of hills and mountains so it's not too hard to find an elevated spot.
and you are most kind, thank you.

jem said...

The way the colours are so subtle and build up in layers reminds me of a watercolour painting.

polona said...

well, jem, this was taken in the afternoon when the sun was rather low already the colours are true to the fact.
thank you