Thursday, January 03, 2008

last sunrays

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Kostas said...

Fire on the rocks! Very good photograph, has a lot work, good the frame, also the colours of sky but also rocks marvellously.

Janice Thomson said...

Is there a chalet or some building in the center Polona or am I just seeing things. Those are impressive mountains!

get zapped said...

Although I know it's cold, this has a warm glow to it. Splendid!

polona said...

kostas: thank you for your kind words.

janice: well, there is a chalet somewhere there but i don't think it's visible in that pic. what you see, i think, is a crumbledrock.
and yes, these mountains are quite beautiful.

get zapped: it was cold, i assure you. but late afternoon colours do have a warm glow.
thank you