Thursday, November 01, 2007


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Janice Thomson said...

That is gorgeous Polona with the added touch of color! What beautiful mountains.

Ulla said...

awww this is just great Polona, I love this one, you got a great photo there.

j kieselguhr said...

i agree, polona. that is a really super shot. colours + monochrome background. very unusual and effective

floots said...

fantastic shot

get zapped said...

A refreshing glimpse of light amidst the grey. It's lovely.

polona said...

to everyone: this photo is left very much as taken. the light spot is from the sun breaking through the clouds for a few moments and the mountains in the background were covered in clouds.

janice: yes, our mountains may not be overly high but they sure are beautiful.
thank you.

ulla: thank you sis. if only i knew how to process it for a better effect (or maybe not in this case)

jk: thank you - as you well know, i appreciate your words. the sight was even better in nature, though.

floots: many thanks.

get zapped: yes, it was quite amazing but didn't last long.
thank you