Thursday, November 08, 2007


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fotoface said...

fantastic really caught me out
when the blog first open,
I see the beauty you see in this one..

j kieselguhr said...

spider crab!

floots said...

i love finding such viewpoints
well spotted

Ulla said...

hehe I like this one and I have one very similar to it, it's just not on a blog (yet) :)

jem said...

Wow - its like a childs idea of a hedgehog.

Janice Thomson said...

Awesome shot Polona!
Across the street a huge fir fell last year right around this time from a bad storm. I was amazed it has taken nearly a year for the needles to fall - I guess because of being in a rain forest area it kept the tree quite intact.

get zapped said...

Fantastic contrast and textures! You have a good eye. Are you familiar with Miksang?

polona said...

fotoface: i am so glad this one worked for you. thank you

kieselpincer: i never thought they lived in the mountains!

floots: thank you. perhaps i should take it from a little lower perspective but that's a tough one to ask from a gal of almost 6ft

ulla: cool! they look attractive enough, eh! (looking forward to the pic)

jem: coo, i never thought of it as a hedgehog :)
thank you

janice: that's an interesting story but trees are amazing creatures.
thank you.

get zapped: thank you for your words and the link. interesting and no, i haven't heard of them before.

j kieselguhr said...

they can spin their webs anywhere :o)