Friday, November 23, 2007


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Janice Thomson said...

Is this whole photo a reflection? How utterly awesome.

jem said...

Wow I love this image. Incredible. I want to climb in and explore.

It reminds me of the silhouette illustrations of Jan Pienkowski, who I only recently rediscovered having remembered from childhood.

Thanks for inducing a Saturday smile with this one Polona.

Ulla said...

owwwww Polona this one is great! It has some dark quality!

polona said...

janice: indeed it is. thank you.

jem: thank you, jem. and i'm truly glad my work has induced a smile. now i must away to explore jan pienkowski.

ulla: thank you, sis. i enjoy playing with reflections :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful, polona!

polona said...

thank you, flipper skipper!