Tuesday, November 27, 2007

swaying gently

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floots said...

c'est parfait
look - i'm so ecstatic i've become a polyglot like polona :)
please do some words for this one

Janice Thomson said...

I love that grass and would like to be standing in the middle of it. Beautiful shot Polona

polona said...

floots: tres honoree, thank you.
as to words... well, maybe

janice: that would be a bit difficult. these reeds stand by the water and you would get your feet wet. but thank you!

Anonymous said...

magical shot, polona.

get zapped said...

I adore the serenity of this, like an Asian textile.

polona said...

seaman: much appreciated, thank you.

get zapped: i should have left the broken stem and perhaps two or three more, then it would resemble sumi-e paintings.
thank you