Thursday, December 27, 2007

winter joy?

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fotoface said...

winter wonderland should be a law
that we all get some snow at Christmas, [well just a little bit]

Janice Thomson said...

When I was a kid I remember living between 3 lakes and spending many a day shoveling snow off the ice to skate for a few hours. Thanks for the memories.

floots said...

ice cycle
wonderful surreal quality to this shot

get zapped said...

Oh, this takes me back to my childhood - what winter fun. I can see why you would like a bit of sun once in a while, though.

Have a wonderful new year!

polona said...

fotoface: and some sunshine in winter should be a law, too!

janice: you are most welcome :)

floots: thank you but although i keep repeating myself, i hate this weather!

get zapped: it's quite obvious, isn't it!
thank you and same to you!

jem said...

The pattern the snowy trees make is mesmerising - like modern art but far better, and the blue coat keeps drawing my attention.

polona said...

well observed as always, jem.
and that coat was the only thing with some colour. and the man skated quite well