Monday, December 24, 2007


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floots said...

it's lovely
(what is it)

Anonymous said...

how pretty. and happy christmas to you, polona

fotoface said...


get zapped said...

I'm truly amazed by the things you find and photograph - I like being surprised!

polona said...

floots: just frost accumulated on some weed
thank you

sea man: how kind of you. i return the wishes.

fotoface: thank you!

get zapped: well, the reason for this particular shot is a few days of cold misty weather... i would sure love to see some sunshine soon

floots said...

i'd seen the earlier shot of frost but here the "leaves" were so long i actually thought it was a plant
(i'm getting old) :)

polona said...

well, the ljubljana fog does the trick.
damn, how i miss some colour in this bloody monochrome world!

Janice Thomson said...

How exquisite Polona. I'd love to read your words on this.

polona said...

jancie: many thanks.
words? they didn't come (or i used another photo)