Monday, December 03, 2007


a slightly older one... but time for a mood change, i reckon :)

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Janice Thomson said...


floots said...

where woud we be without ripples
lovely shot

jem said...

This is a good one to get lost in - trying to spot shapes in the randomness.

get zapped said...

Love the colors and shapes.

Anonymous said...

lovely reflections. wonder what it would look like if you cropped within the silver and enlarged it a little?

polona said...

thank you, janice!

floots: so true
and thank you

jem: oh, i'm sure you can do it :o)
thank you

get zapped: thank you!

omots: believe me or not, i tried, but didn't like the result very much.

Anonymous said...

i believe you :o)

polona said...