Thursday, December 06, 2007

same bird, different angle

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get zapped said...

Your eye never ceases to amaze me - I just may run out of superlatives!

Janice Thomson said...

oooh love that mist! Beautiful shot

Anonymous said...

yep, another goody. and the bird sure stands out against the frost and mist.

floots said...

love these recent moody shots
and of course the hoody
thank you

polona said...

get zapped: please don't. i'm grateful for your words :o)

janice: thank you again.

omots: thank you. have tried BW but to me it feels better this way.

floots: nowadays it's almost hard to get a shot without a hoody in it.
thank you - these moody shots were all taken on the same day... haven't had the time to go out afterwards, or the weather has beent oo dismal...