Monday, December 31, 2007


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get zapped said...

I like the repetition in this, it gives some slow movement. The object on the left could be remnants of a dinosaur.

Do I see sunshine?

MMM said...

This is a great shot! I love the gray look to the trees in the background. What was growing here?

Janice Thomson said...

This looks like our fence after the last terrible wind storm. Great capture Polona.

Anonymous said...

Hauntingly creepy and beautiful (:
You know how I luvs me some creepy.

polona said...

get zapped: nah, no sunshine.
these are the remnants of a hay-rack, a uniquely slovenian thing for storing hay.
thank you

mmm: i appreciate that, thank you.
it was a cold day and the trees are covered in frost.
since the hay-rack is in a deplorable condition, a wild vine has taken over and uses the poles as some sort of a trellis.

janice: well, this is much bigger than a fence but i can imagine yours :)
thank you

auld hat: i suppose so... thank you :)

jem said...

Wow I like this. Its very creepy and a very unusual style of fencing to me. Good to read your explanation of what it was. I was getting witchcraft vibes!

polona said...

jem: ah yes, it's the kind of thing that would attract you :)