Monday, December 10, 2007


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floots said...

i've just been digging out my old robin pix for use on christmas cards
(even though i'm a bah humbug kinda guy) :)

jem said...

Sometimes your birds look different to mine. But it seems that robins are robins the world over :)

Janice Thomson said...

Wow what a gorgeous little guy! Excellent capture Polona.

get zapped said...

Gorgeous coloring! I'd love a jacket that color ;)

polona said...

floots: ah, i remember a couple you posted.

jem: well, robins are robins in europe but a robin is an altogether different bird in america... more related to our blackbirds.

janice: thank you. and this guy is a european robin.

get zapped: yep, they are attractive little fellas :o)

thank you all.