Tuesday, December 05, 2006

up and away

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Poetry by Kai said...


i beat everyone:-]

Anonymous said...

Love the capture.:)

Matt said...

Agreed. Cool capture.

samuru999 said...

Love it Polona!


charlie said...

Oh, gosh, that really is a good shot. So difficult to capture something like that - wings beating faster than a boy's heart at first love!

MMM said...

Polona- You amaze me. This is so cool.

Masago said...


Allan said...

clicked, stared, said "cool!", repeated...cool!

grish said...

A real Wow shot! It's just beautiful!

polona said...

you did, pp b-fly girl!
thank you and hugs :)

aurora: appreciate that. thanks :)

matt: ditto aa :)

margie: thank you as always for your kind words!

charlie: that's a lucky shot rather than a good one. if i intended to capture the bird as it takes off i'd never get it.
thank you!

mmm: many thanks. just lucky with this one :) these little dinosaurs love hanging around, they even take seeds from the hand but they seem to be camera shy.

masago: thank you.

allan: many thanks!

grish: and a wow! comment :) thnak you.