Thursday, December 14, 2006


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Poetry by Kai said...


sorry u missed everyone
to make it up to u

warm hugs


floots said...

great atmosphere
if the gales ever stop i'll have to go and find some tranquility like this :)

charlie said...

A place of sombre hues. I couldn;t sty there for long polona. I seem heavy. Great shot.

polona said...

pp b-fly: thanks :-)
hugs to you, too
meet you at your place

floots: thank you and sorry about gales... nothing too dramatic going on here (not that i miss it)

charlie: the only problem about that place is that it's too crowded, and i don't mean birds.
it's just the fog and tree shadows that created a darker atmosphere in this shot...

samuru999 said...



charlie said...

Well it's a good shot and i hate crowds anyway :o)

polona said...

thank you, margie!

thanks again, charlie, and yep, i agree.