Wednesday, December 13, 2006

looking for nuts

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Poetry by Kai said...


i hope he's looking
for his nuts

samuru999 said...

Very cute!!!!!
Now Kai...what are you thinking???


charlie said...

For a rodent, he's a sweet little thing and evolving rapidly by the look of his upright stance. He'll soon be buying packets of nuts at the supermarket :o)

floots said...

what a cute little chap
but that's enough about me
i like the picture too :)

MMM said...

Hee hee. He's doing some type of hip-hop dance, I think!

Grish said...

lol so cute..:)

Masago said...

Cute, with that bushy tail and ears, it appears he/she's a little surprised at getting his/her picture taken.

polona said...

kai: ty, that's sweet :)

margie: were you thinking what i was thinking ;-)
thank you.

charlie: but he doesn't have to buy the nuts for himself as long as there are people who bring them for free (this is not america... yet)

floots: i never had any doubts :)

mmm: he'll do anything for a few nuts, even dance in the street :)

grish: thanks :)

masago: well observed, they're not too keen on posing but can be cajoled :)