Monday, December 25, 2006

thin ice

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Anonymous said...

Nice capture!

Poetry by Kai said...

ditto aa
what is the duck doing on ice?

Masago said...


charlie said...

Ha! We're all on thin ice, if only we knew it. Great opportunism, polona, on both your parts :o)

Lori Witzel said...

A great, and chilly, moment caught.

Imagining the thought balloon above the duck's head:
"Dang! Those tiny fish must have some sort of magical force field protecting them!"

floots said...

love this
i'm with charlie :)

polona said...

aurora: thanks :)

pp b-fly: thank you, too.
well,s he didn't tell me but looks like she wanted the snack that lay there :)

masago: :o)

charlie: that duck knew all too well but still climbed there. don't we do the same thing all the time?
thanks :o)

lori: thank you, and lol!
i haven't heard of ducks eating fish but your comment sure made me laugh :)

floots: thanks
watch out you two that the ice underneath doesn't break :)

MB said...

Looks like it's walking on water. They must have no nerves in their feet!

polona said...

mb: yes, i was amazed to see it climb up that thin crust of ice and stay there without breaking it.