Tuesday, December 19, 2006

before the rain

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Anonymous said...

Wow, ooh, and ahhh, and all those other good things! :) Spectacular shot, Polona!

Poetry by Kai said...

ditto aa with your wow, ohh, & ahh..

MMM said...

Polona- This is fantastic. It looks like a pen and ink drawing!

charlie said...

a truly deceptive image, polona. networks of veins across a grey, parchment-like skin of water and sky. and with birds too! love it.

polona said...

aurora: you know that i love oohs and aahs and wows :)

pp b-fly: love your wows and oohs and ahhs, too :-)

mmm: thank you so much. not easy to get a decent photo in those conditions... it actually started raining a few minutes after i'd taken that shot.

charlie: thank you as always. yes, the light is/was somewhat deceptive... and those birds are moorhens :)