Sunday, December 31, 2006

prickly elegance

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Masago said...

Make that in cast iron and you'd have a great stone wall gate post.

Anonymous said...

Very elegeant indeed! :)

Lori Witzel said...

I love love love this! It struck me as very witty, but am sure I'd take that back if I were to step on it with a bare foot.

Anonymous said...

oh, that's such a clever, spiky, prickly little devil, polona. great shsot, again.

and polona, i wish you simply the best and most creative new year possible :o)

floots said...

i'm really enjoying these detailed little shots
great stuff

polona said...

masago: we have a tradition of wrought iron in slovenia, especially in a small town called Kropa and yes, the shapes are very similar to what can be found in nature.

aurora: thanks :9

lori: thank you so much. it's really not as wicked as it looks but i still wouldn't want to tread on it with bare feet :)

charlie: all i can say is thank you.
and of course, best wishes for you and yours in the new year.

floots: so nice. many thanks