Saturday, November 11, 2006

touching the sky

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charlie said...

I wish that I
Could touch the sky
Don't you, polona?

Poetry by Kai said...



samuru999 said...
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samuru999 said...

What a beautiful sight Polona!
Just beautiful!


Masago said...

*losing my breath*

Matt said...

Ditto masago. Where is this, Polona?

Pecos Blue said...

Wow that is unreal. Is this where you live? Very beautiful indeed.

polona said...

oh yes, charlie... who doesn't?

kai: thanks :-)

margie: thank you! i love it, too :)

masago: if you come to slovenia you'll be losing it quie often... there are many more views like this one in the slovenian alps

matt: the place is called jezersko and there's a border crossing with austria near by.

pecos blue: thank you. yes, that's close to where i live.

MB said...


Anonymous said...

My brother says the tourist bureau of Ljubljana should hire you, because you show its beauty so well. :) I concur with that. Beautiful, as always!

floots said...

great shot
great spot

polona said...

thank you, mb!

aurora: too many candidates, i'm afraid :)
thank you as always.

floots: many thanks.