Monday, November 06, 2006

red wing

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floots said...

looks great
but don't think i'll be trying it - yet :)

Matt said...

Too cool, Polona.

Poetry by Kai said...

sounds like fun

Masago said...

Very cool!
Polona, how about you going up there taking some shots for us. ;-)

polona said...

floots: thank you
please let me know when you feel like trying it :)

thank you as always, matt!

kai: sharing the sky with birds, the swoosh of air... must be fun (but i don't think i'm ready to try it) :-)

masago: thanks!
oh, no, not this bird, not like that :)

MB said...

I wouldn't care to be up there in that, either. But it would make for some great photography, I'm sure!