Saturday, November 04, 2006

per aspera ad... adria

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Poetry by Kai said...


i beat aurora & matt

Poetry by Kai said...


Aurora said...


(even if Kai DID beat me.:) )

Matt said...

Nice shot

floots said...

such stark clarity
loved it
(you might like this )

MB said...

Polona, what does "per aspera ad... adria" mean?

polona said...

kai :-)

thank you, aurora!

thanks, matt!

cheers, floots
(thanks for the link - great shot)

mb: sorry... it's from the latin saying per aspera ad astra meaning through hardship to the stars
adria is the adriatic sea... there's a view of the gulf of trieste beyond these prickly weeds (blurred in the shot).

MB said...

Ah, very nice. Thank you for explaining it to me.