Wednesday, November 22, 2006


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Matt said...

You and Floots work well off each other. This is a cool shot, Polona.

Poetry by Kai said...

good one polona



hi matt

charlie said...

Yes, a cool shot, polona. It reminds me of bird feathers.

Masago said...

Nice. I see something is still green back there. :-)

floots said...

wonderfully effective shot

Anonymous said...

You and Floots should do a book together. Your work complements each other's very much.

polona said...

matt: floots' post actually reminded me of this shot... thanks.

kai: thanks :-]

charlie: thank you, charlie.

masago: thanks. the shot is a few weeks old (no time or daylight for new photos) but some green could still be found :)

floots: thank you.
(not much background here)

aurora: why thank you for the compliment!