Thursday, November 02, 2006

innocence lost

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Matt said...

Great capture.

Poetry by Kai said...


matt beat me..:-]

MB said...

Where's the hookah-smoking caterpillar? This is positively psychedlic-looking. Gorgeous colors.

charlie said...


floots said...

great shot
(what it made me think of is between me and my therapist) :)

Plus Ultra said... that real!!!Wow

Anonymous said...

Ditto Matt - great capture!

Love all these latest offerings, Polona.:)

Masago said...

Hmmm... eat, or no eat?

polona said...

thanks, matt!

ah, kai, you can't always be the first :)

mb: your comment made me laugh. thanks :-)

charlie: 'nuff said :o)

floots: many thanks
(the text in parentheses said it all :))

plus ultra: i appreciate the wow... and yes, it's very real :)
thank you.

aurora: thank you for this one and for taking time to look back to the previous posts!

masago: depends on what effect you want to achieve...