Tuesday, October 23, 2007

sign o' the times

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floots said...

the lighting and texture are so right
very moody

get zapped said...

WOW! What a moody face.

jem said...

A great image for Halloween. I love window and door images!

fotoface said...

love black & white photos,
like your style/angle of this one.

polona said...

floots: thank you. i don't normally process my photos but tried an experiment with this one.

get zapped: thank you. i'm glad it work.

jem: indeed, halloween is approaching! thank you.

fotoface: as i said, i rarely process photos but thought this one may gain if rendered in monochrome.
thank you

Anonymous said...

Uh, včasih mi je črno-belo še bolj všeč. Ta je super.


polona said...

hvala, alenka :)
ta je še iz komiže... če že ni bilo za kopat, sem vsaj lovila okoli motive... in barvna mi je bila prepusta