Monday, October 15, 2007


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Ričardas said...

Haven't seen that blue sky for ages. It wasn't that bluse if not for gold. Very beautiful.

floots said...

i miss the big deciduous trees
thank you

Janice Thomson said...

What vibrant color Polona! Our leaves this year did not go through much of the yellow-gold change. They went from green to brown right on the trees. This is so beautiful

Juhi said...

Absolutely beautiful. loved the colors! a very sharp and clear pic! nice blog too.

Anonymous said...

Glorious! Do you ever lay down beneath one of those trees and look up through it? It's marvelous.

polona said...

ričardas: we are still lucky to see it now and again.
thank you.

floots: i love pines but yes, i think i would mess them too.

janice: we had just enough nice weather for the trees to develop these gorgeous colours.
thank you.

juhi: thank you and welcome!

auld hat: i'm quite fond of trees in general. i even hug them occasionally :) great feelings, yes.