Monday, October 22, 2007

a different kind of beauty

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jem said...

I think I remember these weird grassy things (perhaps called teasles?) - at craft fairs when I was young, people would use the top and dress them as hedgehogs! Strange - I havent thought of that since the late 70s probably.

floots said...

i've tried to get a decent shot of these - never matched this
nice one

Janice Thomson said...

Gosh what fascinating plants Polona. What are they? What a great capture.

polona said...

jem: yes, i found they are indeed teasels. that's an interesting memory you have shared. thank you

floots: oh, but they don't run away now, do they? but yes, it's tricky to capture them if windy.

janice: as jem guessed correctly, they are teasels (dipsacus).
thank you.