Tuesday, October 30, 2007

another version

ok, here's another version of the shot in the previous post - this one unprocessed, without added contrast and saturation.
rather boring, eh?

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j kieselguhr said...

it's certainly different and definitely not at all exciting. but it has an interest in the composition and the sheer greyness of the subjects. this was how communism was presented to the west!

polona said...

funny that this was how communism behind the iron wall was presented to us, too :)
live here wasn't monochrome but it did lack certain... saturation. we were neither here nor there, as the matter of fact (remember the non-aligned movement? a force to be reckoned with at its time)
but, for an average citizen, life was good.

floots said...

i rather like it
(but i don't understand how to use 99.9% of photoshop) :(

Janice Thomson said...

You're right Polona - the processing makes for a much more vivid composition and yet like Floots I kinda like the real thing too. Sometimes when working with a photo I wonder if the need to change it beyond the odd leveling or sharpening isn't a flaw within myself...

get zapped said...

Very interesting! At first I didn't realize what was going on, I thought you had taken the leaf (after it had dried) and placed it in the same position! They make for a wonderful contrast!

polona said...

floots: thnaks. and neither do i. i sometimes play around in it but find it too confusing and time consuming.
this was actually done in picassa - much more simple although less precise.

janice: i rarely do more than a bit of cropping and sharpening myself but sometimes it pays off to try something more aggressive. but i agree, anyone with a good knowledge of PS can make good 'photos'.

get zapped: well, i just posted them both for comparison and effect.
but thank you for your thoughts.

goatman said...

I dunno.
Somehow reality is more entrancing.

polona said...

goatman: yes, i think i know what you mean.
thank you