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country road

i know, photos are not supposed to be taken mid-day but i think the sharp light suits this one...

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between one dreary cold rainy day and another the sky was briefly set ablaze. the light was already low and since i didn't have a tripod at hand i had to use high ISO speed, hence the noise.

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Friday, June 13, 2008


i posted a very similar (but not the same) shot on my haiku blog but i kind of like the composition so i've decided to share it here as well. apart from the resize and minimal adjustment of levels, the photo is exactly as taken.

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is she dangerous?

i hope this guy will forgive me for cutting off his left hind foot (oly in the picture, of course)

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i was away for a few days and have prescheduled a couple of posts. as i returned, i found out that the photo in this (the friday) post didn't show. sorry about that... normal service should resume shortly.

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