Sunday, June 08, 2008

x with an accent, take 2

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Monique said...

Hey! A nice one. You do find them, don't you Polona?

Stacey said...

Hi Polona,
Hope your having a good weekend.

It amazes me how you can make every photo look so interesting and eye catching :-D

david mcmahon said...

Brilliant work. You are VERY observant - one of the hallmarks of a good photographer.

Ulla said...

hihi this one lives in our garden too, on our cotage :). It's a cute pic Pi.

Jules~ said...

What a cutie little guy!

quilly said...

David sent me -- otherwise I would still not kn ow this blog exists! What else are you holding out?

Indrani said...

Came via David's. this is really an amazing shot, with eyes rolling from X to snail and back.

Daryl said...

Great shot!

David sent me


polona said...

monique: well, i'm trying :)
thank you

stacey: the weekend was ok, just busy, thank you.
i'm glad you think my photos are interesting... thank you

david: i appreciate your words very much, thank you.

ulla: thanks, sis... yep, it's the one living in your gazebo :)

jules: thank you!

quilly: ah, but you have been here before... the ladybird?
and i never hid this one... it's attached to my profile...
i promise there's nothing more... for the time being :)

indrani: thank you for your visit. your butterfly post is just wonderful. glad you enjoyed the photo :)

daryl: but you followed the link by yourself, no?
many thanks for looking in.