Monday, June 09, 2008

oasis of green

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Alenka said...

Noro, Polona, kakšne fotkeee!
Bi morala te "e-je" napisati čez celo okence, tako daleč nazaj sem šla in tolikokrat zavzdihnila ob njih! Čudovito. Hvala, da sem lahko uživala.

Jules~ said...

Heavy sigh, what a beauty of a place. Instantly an old story came to my mind... The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.

Jaime said...

Oh this is so lush and green. Makes me want to jump right in and have a refreshing swim.


jem said...

Wow. I would sit on that bridge for hours, comparing the density of the green above and below me. Beautiful!

Also tonnes of other great photos during my blogging break :)

quilly said...

I could swim here. Is that a rope swing I see? Yahoo! [splash]

polona said...

alenka: res me veseli, da so ti všeč! pa še pridi, kadar ti paše :)

jules: well yes, it could be a scene for an adventure story but... things are not always what they seem :)
thank you

jem: it's a nice place to be... just not as solitary as it looks here (there's a road over the bridge)
welcome back!

quilly: too cold, believe me!
that is some sort of a rope although about its function i'm not sure...

polona said...

jaime: sorry, almost missed you.
this water springs from a rock just a few hundred metres further up and is quite cold, even in the summer so i would not recommend swimming.
thank you.