Thursday, June 05, 2008

by any other name

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get zapped said...

So perfect it could be porcelain, but it couldn't be, I've caught its scent...

Jules~ said...

Absolutely beautiful. By any chance is this rose yellow in its natural color?

Ulla said...

nope I think she took the pic of the pink one, but I'm not sure (there I answered for you Pi :))and the pic is just lovely!


A rose is a rose is a rose.
i eagerly wait for you next post.
thanx for the caring you have given to MAN IN PAINTING.
Me have a new post.
do read.
i value you comments.

Jaime said...

Simply beautiful.

polona said...

get zapped: ah, you dropped in just in time i was away...
thank you

jules: well, my sister answered it for me (the rose is from her garden) :)
thank you

ulla: of course you are right :-)

man in painting: your blog is intriguing and worth following :)
i shall visit shortly... have been away for a few days

jaime: many thanks