Saturday, May 17, 2008


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Stacey said...

Hi Polona, hope you are well ;-)

Spider man
Spider man
does what ever a spider can....
laa laa laa .............
(this is actually a song...but thank goodness you can not hear me sing, you would not like it lol)

I adore black and white pictures and love this one :-D

Janice Thomson said...

Yikes...that's a little high for me LOL. Fantastic B&W though!

KOSTAS said...

Amazing B&W photograph!

bart said...

yes, black and white adds an extra dimension to a photo, stripping out the distractions of colour and letting the forms play on their own...

little man, almost an insect himself, almost oblivious of the world around him :-))

iriz said...

that's a tough job!

nice photo, i like the shadow...;0)

polona said...

stacey: all's well, thank you.
sing on, i don't mind :)
thank you

janice: he was already quite low when i caught him. i agree, definitely not the job for me :)
thank you

kostas: many thanks

bart: perhaps i was a little too hard on contrast but i wanted the man and his shadow to stand out.
it definitely works better in bw
thank you, bart :)

iriz: yes, it does seem hard.
thank you and welcome :)