Wednesday, September 26, 2007 dragonflies dart...

oh well.. this one paused just long enough i could take his pic
(this one's for floots and all the others who missed seeing dragons there)

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Janice Thomson said...

They are amazing little creatures - no?
Polona what a lovely photoblog...I shall return for sure.

j kieselguhr said...

you must have a plague of the creatures overt there, polona. we have them here but clearly not in such great numbers. and they are beautiful creatures

floots said...

thanks polona
(if you prick me do i not bleed) :)

polona said...

janice: oh yes they are! i'm quite fascinated by them.
thank you and do come back

jk: i agree, they are beautiful in a strange way. and i seem to find them wherever i go, or they find me :o)

floots: you're welcome
(we all do)