Saturday, September 29, 2007

afternoon in a fishing town

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Miki said...

Hmm a better sharpness would be nice but a very colorful and postcard like.

j kieselguhr said...

that's pretty, polona.

Janice Thomson said...

I love the contrast between the shadowing in the foreground and the brightness of the buildings. Did you do any processing to this?

floots said...

i thought there was no sun on your vacation
these two shots look as if weather was great
(maybe you are the same with sun as you are with dragonflies - can catch the briefest moment) :)
grand results anyway

polona said...

miki: the photo is only resized but unprecessed otherwise so...

jk: on the day before we left the weather was gorgeous so it wasn't difficult to snap this... thank you.

janice: other than resizing the photo is exactly as taken. thank you

floots: oh, there was sun alright but most days were windy and way too cold for the time of year.
but it was good weather for taking pics.
the previous photo (with yellow flowers against the sky) is not from the island; it was taken later on the hills near ljubljana