Friday, September 28, 2007


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j kieselguhr said...

safety deposit? i doubt it. you have an excellent eye for this type of shot, polona. well spotted

get zapped said...

These inanimate objects you capture have such an emotional quality.

polona said...

kieselvault: i see now i should have cropped it slightly at the bottom. but thank you and yes, i like this kind of shots/motives.
the deposit are of course the eggs on the lower barb laid by some insect.

get zapped: i'm pleased you think so (and there is potential life on these inanimate objects)

Janice Thomson said...

Well isn't he charming! This is excellent Polona...I like how everything interests you that most people would pass up missing out on a spectacular capture.

floots said...

absolutely great
(with or without the little critter) :)

jem said...

I think you have bionic eyes Polona - seriously, they must have some sort of zoom capacity, or Terminator style read out that the rest of us lack. You spot such amazing things.

Miki said...

Wow what a nice catch and i must for the photo you are using a GREAT sharpens.

polona said...

janice: it is pure luck that i saw those egg sacks and of course didn't miss up the opportunity to record them :)
thank you so much.

floots: it was sheer luck. but the pix is here so... :)
thank you

jem: most kind. but as i said in comment to janice and floots, i was simply lucky to see this.
thank you.

miki: i'll say it in slovene: tud slepa kura zrno najde :)
but thank you