Saturday, September 22, 2007

pretty face

this one from today (but i'm not done with vacation pics yet)

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Aafke said...

I love goats! And uhm yes, I'm a new blogger ;) Yes I know, I'm sorry about the Dutch but
I'll let you know if I've written something in English! Meanwhile don't bother to visit my blog. I'll be fine checking yours! xx

Reign said...

Oh look at that! seems like the goat knows his picture will be posted on a blog!

nice shot!

floots said...

you were obviously popular :)

polona said...

aafke: nice. keep writing in whichever fashion suits you but you can let me know if you post a picture :)

reign: oh, i don't know. perhaps she was just curious if that thing i held in my hands was edible :)
thank you

floots: hmmm... i'm not sure i fancy that kind of popularity ;)

j kieselguhr said...

that looks like a girl i once danced with back in.... hmmmmm

polona said...

kieselwaltz: this brings up some amusing images :o)