Tuesday, September 26, 2006

the old way

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Anonymous said...

I give up. All I'm going to do from now on is post the word, "WOW!" It's always my first reaction, and what I really want to say. Polona, your work is a real treat.

samuru999 said...

Yes Polona, as aurora said....
your work is a real treat!

floots said...

i would use that w word too but i think i'm a palindromophobe :)
(it's not every day i get to make up a word - and i owe it all to you and aurora)
great shot by the way

charlie said...

Sepia boats on a sepia sea with a sepia fisherman and, no doubt, sepia fish. It gives the pic texture, polona, in a way colour wouldn't. Nice pic

Masago said...


polona said...

you know, aurora, comments like this one keep me going, keep me wanting to do more and better.
i take those shots for my pleasure, but sharing them and receiving such great feedback makes them worth while. thank you!

margie, what can i say but thank you for your constant support!¨seeing you around is always a pleasure.

floots, making me (and aurora) responsible for inventing a new word is one of the greatest compliments i can get.
thank you, floots!

thank you, charlie. it was a sepia kind of day. sometimes a welcome break from the dazzling sunshine.

masago, thank you as always.